Saturday, January 01, 2011


2011 is proving to be a great year already and we just barely had few hours of this brand new day!

It seems that everyone have a spring on their steps and there's renewed hope and faith in every one. I guess that's what new year brings. Humanity's collective hope, letting go of the past and welcoming the future. Really awesome :)

And a big shout out to YOU who recognized me earlier at Quiapo church. Im so flattered that someone who reads my blog actually said hi to me. Happy new year to you and i wish you all the best. Sorry i wasnt even able to get your name but it was nice seeing you. Thank you! You have made my decision easier to continue on blogging =) 

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4 meow:

Anonymous said...

Pusa? cani hv ur ym id?

Anonymous said...

"Ikaw ba si pusa" happy new year..can i have ur ym id?

pusa said...

hello :)

heyokity rin ang ym ko :)

Anonymous said...

hi there wats ur plan dis summer nd wats d nature of ur work? Mis agnes..


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