Monday, January 17, 2011

hello kitty addiction

I guess you already know how gaga i am when it comes to hello kitty... I wanna hoard and get all those kawaii stuff that this mouthless cat have her face on dutch why i wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad! To buy more hello kitty stuff hahaha.

For now here are my parfums coz i wanna smell like hello kitty! Hahaha exag! Will post more of various small kitty i got over the week :)

3 meow:

Anonymous said...

where did you bought that? :)

pusa said...

Hi they were given to me by my friends except the one on the left, bought them from my ofcmate

Anonymous said...

where do the contact lenses come from? cant seem to find then on any web site :( please cant be the only one to have them lol!!


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