Sunday, January 09, 2011

hello kitty pancake

i'm so proud of myself for being able to whip up this pretty hello kitty pancake! :)

aint this pancake so kittylicious? hehehe

took me one and a half hour to create these 16 hello kitty pancakes!

bought magnolia pancake ready to mix (with free syrup)

added a couple of eggs to make it more delicious

my first hello kitty pancake was a disaster! i didnt know that you have to wait for the batter to have bubbles before trying to turn it over hehehe good thing fb friends to the rescue (yep i was fb-ing while cooking hahaha)

the first 3 hello kitty pancakes are kinda so-so hahaha my nephews said its panget! to think they were so excited when i told them am going to make them some hello kitty pancakes 

hmmm getting the hang of cooking the pancake

some are burnt, some are pale... 

but still its fun making my own hello kitty pancakes... love it! :)

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