Saturday, January 22, 2011

a glimpse of cagayan de oro

I have posted last 1/11/11 that finally i meet minda, meaning i have finally set foot at mindanao...

Though the reason for the visit wasnt a happy one im glad to be acquainted with the city that is dubbed the city of golden friendship...

Actually as early as june last year, i already have a booked flight to cagayan de oro for this january, tomorrow to be exact, to go and visit camiguin as my birthday getaway... Now i know how cagayan de oro's airport looks like and how the taxis are just in your face once you get out of the airport an that the drivers actually are outside their taxis and approache the passengers ... I dunno but that kinda put me off knowing as well that they want a kontrata type instead of metro. Good thing the last time i was there, there was a multicab waiting for us as sundo.

St. Agustine Cathedral.

Was not able to go inside and tAke pictures of the famous century old stained glass window that the church is proud of becUse there was a mass going on and the priest was giving homily.

Just outside the church, along the sidewalk are flower stores, some sells saint statues and candles...

And a park nearby can also be seen... Seems that most churches or plazas in these areas have One 'sentro'

Limketkai mall, one of the many malls within the city. This one is near the airport where we bought our pasalubong. But the newly built (i assume) sm cagayan de oro city is nearer the airport

Slers chicharon are the best! Though we already bought too many pasalubong from the limketkai mall, the chicharon displayed At this store caught our attention besides we were killing time. This slers store is at the irport and other stalls inside have some souvenir itemstoo where i gott my ref magnet. Anyways back to the chicharon, sler's are rally good. Soft but crunchy. Too bad i only bought one special with laman and the big 'one na balat lang which are priced 115 each. The chicharon was a blockbuster as in ubos agad! So a note to myself to buy more chicharon as psalubong when i get back

PS. All photis were taken using my phone's cAmera and this whole post was done via mobile, pardon the typo and other stuff mahirap pala mag blog ng mahaba just using a celphone. Coz for my past entries here i was using my phone too but just a few words nd more on pictures. Oh well whatever hehehe

3 meow:

cagayan de oro map said...

Even though there are really some topographical errors in your blog I still understand and enjoy reading it. It seems that you just had a short time in CDO and I guess you haven't tried the pride of the city which is the water rafting. Well, it's more in adventure. I suggest you try it in your visit next time.

pusa said...

hahah i am not really good in remembering places and directions sorry about that. in fact i did went back to CDO two weeks after this trip and enjoyed the white water rafting immensely :)

cagayan de oro map said...

Really? That's great! Hope you enjoyed the white water rafting. You are welcome to come back in the city over and over again. :)


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