Saturday, July 19, 2008

why so serious?

A dark film that is surprisingly sprinkled with humour... why so serious when you complete me! (better watch the film so you'll know my reference to joker maguire's classic line hehehe). the movie shows the thin line beween good and evil, just one snap and your dark side will prevail.

what can i say about heath ledger's performance as joker? didnt saw any heath persona in the movie... he's one hell of a joker! i think im in love with joker hehehe

"I get the feeling that you and I could do this for eternity. "

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david santos said...

Excellent post, Pusa, excellent!!!
Have a nice weekend.

carlotta1924 said...

panonoorin na namin sana yan nung friday kaso ang haba nung pila sa as in! siguro panonoorin ko na lang yan 2 weeks after para mas mag mura ang ticket hehe. =)

btw, nasa mega ka ba nung friday?

pusa said...

@david - thanks! and welcome to my blog

@carlotta - achully dami nga pili nun fri sa mega, sat na ko nanood :) maganda sya

asa mega ka rin ba nun fri? sana tinawag mo ko! hehehehe para nagkita na tayo sa mata

kyels said...

I've yet to watch it and I believe Heath Ledger played his role well!


Anonymous said...

Hehehe, love Heath Ledger and Christian Bale. Add po kita sa blogroll ko ha? Feel free to visit na din.


Ely said...

haven't seen the movie yet. mukhang maganda? hehe


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