Tuesday, July 22, 2008

pinoy ako

found this old video of my nephews singing pinoy big brothers "pinoy ako" from my nilulumot na baul. taken on 16 february 2006. i found them really cute and they know the lyrics of the song, singing their hearts out while playing their guitars!

that's christian (my eldest nephew), hendrix (my cousin's son), and the smallest bald kid is gabriel (my bro's kid). they were aged 3, 5, and 1, respectively when the video was taken.

4 meow:

Kyels said...

They're a cute lot!!!

Amor said...

haha! nakaka-aliw naman sila... parang gusto ko tuloy ibili si Sean ng guitar. :D

diwata said...

Kaliwiti si Christian? *Tayo'y mga Pinoy, Tayo'y di Kano, wag kang mahihiya kung ang... Ano nga yong kasunod noon?*

reyna elena said...

hahahahaa! aliiiwwww!!! hahaha! ikaw ang conductor i guess??? hahah


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