Thursday, July 24, 2008

aym payn tenkyu

sabi nga ni dhon we are the only one who makes things complicated, my foint ka jan manong!
hmmm kaya ba ganito na kayo magbatian ni juvs? hahahahaha

i was already on my way home, when genna texted me "Me pasok ka b?" replied to her, "yeah just on my way home, y". she texted back and said "Wla. Inom tayo. Hehe." Wow the words i wanted to hear! I badly needed a drink last night so i went back to Makati and agreed to meet her at Dencios.

i wasnt really planning to drown my sorrows last night but a good invitation came at the right time just when i needed one! a divine intervention or just a good excuse to drink? well, heniways genna said dhon might join us and will just catch up with us (sus girl nauna pa si dhon sayo, anubeh)

a few minutes later genna arrived...

and we roasted dhon, rather we extracted some juicy information from him hahahaha, capitalizing on the fact the he was already drunk while i was emptying my second bottle and going for the third. i tried rhum coke and it's nice but it was bloating me up due to coke content so i went back to drinking smb light

2 buckets later, juvs arrived! hehehe infairness the hair pang anime! LOL

op kors, class picture di malilimutan! hehehehe

it was nice seeing them again, last time i saw these guys was on our "zpd reunion" about 3mos ago. hmmm its like i've known these guys for like 8 years now, and 4 years after we left zpd it's nice to know that they're still the same, matured in some ways but still rocking!

aym payn tenkyu

3 meow:

Male Beauty said...

sana naman huwag ma-delete tong comment ko tulad nung last time....

u luk payn talaga.. at parang ang sarap yata ng inuman ninyo.. pakilala mo nga sakin yang si dhon.. type ko siya.. hahahaha!!!

parang ang sarap ng inuman ha... kainggit...

next time kasama na ko dyan at kayakap si dhon.. hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

baket ang gaganda ng pekturs ninyo ;D

dodong flores said...

Wow! Sarap ng samahan...


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