Sunday, June 22, 2008

yao ming's arm span

was at serendra last night and we saw this tarpaulin of yao ming showing off his arm span of 7'5" - seems like a giant span ayt?

... but would you believe me if told ou that my arm span is that of a little giant as well, hehehe feels like im a spioder or a lastikman sometimes with my long arms!!! see - gosh my arm span is almost 6'!!!

one nice thing about having long arms? you get to help an old lady!!! i remember one instance before when i was in a jeepney, i was sitting in the middle of an 8 seater capacity jeepney and an old lady at the very back (near the estribo) pays and ako naman bilang mabuting mamayan inabot ko un pasahe nya, and no one near the driver is willing to take the payment from my hands (haller malinis naman ang kamay ko nun noh, baket ayaw nila abutin!!!) anywas since no one wanted to take the old lady's pament i stretch my arm and goodness abot ko rin un driver! so imagine kasinghaba ng kamay ko un length ng jeep nya!!!!

dont believe that i have a freaky long arms? check out this pic - gosh pwede na kong basketball player!!! hahahaha though i've got a problem - i'm afraid of balls! hahahaha

2 meow:

melai said...

konting height na lang pwedeng pwede ka na ngang basketball player! naks! Charlene Gonzales :)

Ely said...

haba nga ng kamay, hmmm di maganda pakinggan, sige "long arms" na lang...hehe


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