Monday, June 30, 2008

no secret ingredient

i'm having a McDonald's diet again, yeah breakfast, lunch, and most prolly my dinner will come from McDonald's again! i could have a McDo meal for consecutive days, not because i really love McDo over Jollibee but McDo is nearer my office. And i just have to have the shake shake fries again after i watched the movie Kung Fu Panda last night.

i love this movie, i swear you'll like this movie too, doesnt matter if your young or just young at heart. reminds me of my favorite anime movie Spirited Away. And i love Po, "the" big fat panda (reminds me of my paopao hehehe).

My favorite line in the movie is "There is NO secret ingredient. To make something special, you just have to believe it is special."

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reyna elena said...

'day! am telling you hahaha stay away from makdu! hahaha but then again, kahit anong gawin payat ka pa rin hmpt! di gaya ko, isang fries halata agad saken hahaha

carlotta1924 said...

the last time kumain ako ng shaker fries pakiramdam ko binugahan ako ng tear gas. ubo ako ng ubo matapos kong buksan yung bag lol =)

natuwa din ako sa kung fu panda =)

Ely said...

Favorite ko din fries ng Mcdo. We've tried that shake fries once too. I hated the trailer so i said NO to the movie! hehe

TENTAY™ said...

Mcdo diet din ako. Dahil 24 hours dito sa Market Market. hehhehe. Yung Kungfu Panda, naasar ako don sa MTV non binatilyong lalaking falceto kumakanta ng kungfu fighting. nakakairita. hahahaha..


kyels said...

I love Kung Fu Panda. It is a nicely themed movie w/lots of teachings!

My favorite line is - Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That is why it's called present.

That line is so true, di ba?

Anyway, the fries looked different. Is it a new flavour?

gillboard said...

bago sa blog mo kaya nakicomment na lang..

agree ako kung fu fighting.. nakakatawa...

"there's no charge for awesomeness.. or attractiveness!"


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