Tuesday, June 03, 2008


if there's such a thing as PMS-ing i am PS-ing right now! as in Photoshop-ing addictious to the maximum leveleyshus! i discovered cool ways to create certain effects on your photo in photoshop even though my knowledge in using PS is so little, and im trying to learn more tricks :)

of course i still prefer raw pictures (i do post raw pictures in my photoblog) but right now i really want to play with photos and i'm soo happy with the results im getting hehehe.

well actually i'm just plyaing on the filter effects in PS, like in this photo i just go to filter from the menu bar, then select stylize - glowing edges! and presto i have this cool photo! easy eh! i added my favorite cat in the whole world to use as the face because the face looks scary, looked like a skull xray :)

5 meow:

Anonymous said...

ano raw ba kamo? i want you raw! raaawwwrrr

-footh fetish-

kyels said...

Your fetish w/Hello Kitty! Haha!

But it's cute ...


pusa said...

@footh - rawr? hihihi

@kyel - hehehe addict eh

dyosa said...

naks. ang lupit ng background...Bohol! :D

pusa said...

dyosa hehehe halata bang bohol? ;)


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