Thursday, September 14, 2006


I’ve come across this site which offers cute puzzles presented in flash, I love the grow games and the thrill of finding out how to make the whole bunch grow. I’m going to post my solutions here and if you don’t want to know the answers, stop reading now.

But if you can't answer them and want to throw yourself in the window already, just highlight the solutions to see my answers. enjoy!

The first game is called cube.
There are 10 items in all and you just have to figure out which should be grown first. You should click the boxes in this order: man, water, plants, pot, tube, fire, dish, bone, pink ball, and springthen you would see this cute congratulations!

the grow cube ver.2
solution: cone, cube, paper, cylinder, oval, circle

the grow cube ver.3
solution: blue mountain, gray cube, orange circle, ladder, egg, pipe or tube, gear, fan, tornado, dish, another gear (the last icon), rectagular black box

grow rpg
solution: house, tree, castle, water, building, rock, treasure chest, stairs

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