Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the evil sore eyes

Its official, i have sore eye as confirmed by dr. zagala, though my conjunctivitis is still in the first stage. She prescribed me a steroid drop to prevent further inflammation of my eyes, I was like what? You want me to put steroid in my eyes!!!?? Well anyways, she said I should apply it 4x a day and if my right eye feels itchy too, I should put medication on it as well.

I already knew that I was going to have it coz mami Dorcas had the virus and infected me hehehe….so I was saying I already felt it coming coz when I woke up last Sunday morning my left eye feels different, it’s itchy and stingy at the same time, and yes lots of muta (that gummy yellowish secretion in the eye) and when I check myself in the mirror, my eyes are puffy and my left eye is pinkish. I was like, oh no and at the same time welcoming the virus coz it means leave from work hahaha. But after washing my face the redness is gone, so ok, I don’t have sore eyes pa pala, sayang! Hehehe.

So, even though I was feeling uncomfortable with my eyes I still went to the office yesterday, if only I haven’t had that weird dream I really would have filed sick leave. And I had to attend a meeting, and I was secretly wishing that they get infected as well, they have a good chance of getting the virus since we’re all cooped up in the conference room hahaha. But nothing happened.,, life goes on.

Anyways, I still went to the office today, need to finish something first for the project that we’re working on, and my “former boss”, as what he calls himself, came to my desk and ordered me to go and visit a doctor. I was like, I know I have it and I already know the remedies and what not but he insisted I should visit a doctor for antibiotics, etc… so ok, I was ordered and need to comply, besides what a good excuse to leave the office for an early lunch hehehe. but still I came back to the office, and they we’re like, omg don’t infect us, go home. Yeah right! Am not sure if I’ll be able to go to the office tomorrow… i’ll see through my reddish puffy eye

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