Thursday, September 21, 2006

R.I.P. Mamay Pilo

I’ve been to San Juan, Batangas last weekend to attend Mamay Pilo’s funeral, and it was fun in a peculiar way… don’t get me wrong in here, I know that losing someone is painful and knowing that that someone is never coming back is worse but you have to accept that life is like that. Maybe, I can only say these things because I haven’t really experienced losing someone that I’m really close with and hopefully I won’t have to experience it in the near future.

Anyways, as I’ve said my visit to san juan was fun. Actually, it was like we didn’t visit a wake at all, the place had this fiesta atmosphere, maybe it's because most of my relatives were there and it became an instant reunion of sorts … maybe it’s because death brings people closer. But one thing is for sure, Mamay Pilo has lived his life to the fullest. He’s tall and thin just like his brothers (my grandfathers… I guess it runs in the blood, being tall and thin I mean), short white hair and he really looked outstanding when he and Nanay Pinay celebrated their golden wedding anniversary five years ago. I will always remember him as the lolo who can capture bayawak (iguanas). I can still recall those summer vacations and our visit to their house to look at his collection of iguanas. May this good old sturdy man rest in peace.

photographs... and more photographs

I’ve made the best of our 2 days stay in San Juan and took some photographs, mostly of flowers. Nice to be with nature and enjoy it’s natural beauty. Besides I’m a frustrated photographer J

Me and nasnip Rose went kuhol hunting (a big snail or what the French calls escargot). That’s us in the field hehehe... i'm getting used to photograph myself

Would you believe that these tiny things are eggs of snail? Love these pink eggs!

found out new things as well..., just look at this goat's eyes!!! i've always thought that pupils are circles in general but here is this goat glaring at me with his rectangular pupil

sitaw anyone? my first time to see sitaw from its vine, didnt know before that you have to pick it one by one, i thought they grow in bunch as what you see in the supermarket

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