Wednesday, July 04, 2012

hello kitty contact lens

look into my eye... and see my hello kitty addiction! hahaha literally i've got hello kitty on my eyes.
i dont really wear contact lenses cause thankfully i still have a good vision but i just cant resist buying this hello kitty contact lens.

and i even have it in color pink. bought this great hello kitty contact lens steal form one of those group buying site, and never regretted buying these adorbs contact lenses :) the package comes with cleaner/solution and contact lens case.

hahah bringing my addiction to the next level =p but they are just so cute! 

3 meow:

Anonymous said...

where did u get them??

pusa said...

sorry for the late response, i got this months ago through deal amigos promo. the hello kitty contact lens was supplied and delivered by M.S.E. Optical Supplies. i dont have their website but you may contact them at 02-6240206 / 0917-5193156 Email Address:

Anonymous said...

how did you pay for it? does it irritate your eyes? thank you. i've got one but i only wore it once because my eyes got irritated, but i guess i bought a fake one... :( my bad... :'(


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