Wednesday, July 25, 2012

happy tummy!

buffet at seasons in manila pavillon, bought this yummy treat from ensogo :) happy tummy!!!
well actually im posting these stuff here cause i want to showcase the newest iphone apps that i am crazy about right now. yup i'm an apps addict and this iCameraHDR apps is really cool. combine it with snapseed and you'll get amazing pictures! :) anyways i am getting more addicted in these photography apps since i've been active in instagram. so please do add me on instagaram, username is @heyokity

note: all photos taken using iPhone4. now drool at the food hahahaha. love the food though seasons' buffet doesnt have shrimp and pasta. but they got unlimited drinks, so am still a happy camper, for only 699 i've got a happy tummy!

 meat / fish / etc station
 drinks and sushi station

 bread / pastries section


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