Tuesday, July 03, 2012

DIY itineraries, traveling on a budget

i'll be posting a series of itineraries and budget in the coming days but would like to note that my itineraries are more of a guide and to know how much budget i should save for a particular trip.

whenever i go out of town i make sure that i have an itinerary, to use as my guide and for direction and better plan the tour especially if my visit to that particular area is of limited time, that way i can maximize the time and make sure i get to visit all 'touristy' sites all in one go. but as experience taught me, no matter how much planning you've made, sometimes there are things beyond your control and you just have to go with flow, drop the plan and proceed, after all getting lost and impromptu tours spiced up traveling. so i dont get flustered if i didnt get to do everything on my list (give me an excuse to say that i will just go back) besides as i've told my friend there is no way for anyone to visit a province or a new city in just a day. and more often than not, you just have to trust your instincts and be at the mercy of transportation and travel time. time is essential in full-pack itineraries (which i usually get myself into) so if one hiccup happens, say a boat shcedule didnt leave on time because of engine trouble i dont go sulk and blame everyone, i go out and look for alternative ways to leave or get left behind by a plane going back to manila. what i am saying is, i make my itineraries as a guide, it's not like a bible or dictionary that should be followed verbatim. i thinkg im getting round and round bout it but that's the gist.

and most important thing why i make itineraries is for me to better know how much budget or travel pocket money i should bring in a particular trip. if on a budget, its better to know which sites or attractions or activities you really would like to do or visit and plot it on my excel budget table. and it pays to do a research in advance to have an idea how much the fare or food is going to cost so the budget you make is as close as possbile and so far my budget table hasnt failed me yet and i always get to only spend within the budget i have prepared.

trust me, preparing an itinerary can help you save a lot :)

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