Monday, August 29, 2011

zoom lens for iPhone

guess what i bought today :)

a zoom lens for iPhone 4

bought at cdr king for only PHP 580. nice eh, galing ng cdr king lahat meron na :)
for this price, it already includes a mini tripod, iPhone case, and iPhone clamp for the tripod.

here's the full specification of the iPhone zoom lens (this lens is compatible on iPhone 4 only)
Can be use as a telescope
Minimum Focus Distance: 3M
Maximum Focus Distance: 300M
Optimal Magnification: 8x
Field View: 246M
Angle View: 16°
Lens Diameter: 18MM
Dimension: 34 x 72 mm

to view the product catalog of cdr king click here

sample shot at the store, using the full zoom of the zoom lens for iPhone 4

compared to the full zoom of the iPhone4 camera.

nice eh :)

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Anonymous said...

hey, can you post of sample shots of people / places using you iphone? with and without the lens? Thanks.


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