Sunday, August 21, 2011

newspaper nail polish

I usually paint my nails but it has been a while since i've done that until a few weeks ago when i found out about the newspaper nail polish trick. I find this design really cool and i know i just have to do it and see it on my nails. My first wasnt really successful, you can just barely see the newspaper print (that was because i realized now that you should really use a "rubbing alcohol"). So here's a picture of my second attempt in putting newspaper print on my nails, not yet good but with practice i am going to perfect it. =)

How to do the newspaper print nail art?

1. Put a base coat, i prefer colorless but you can also use light colored nail polish so that the print get to really stand out

2. Wet your fingernails or dip it into rubbing alcohol. I insist you use rubbing alcohol otherwise the print wont really transfer onto your nails

3. Its best if you already have cut out strips of newspaper, small but big enough to fit in your nails. Put that bewspaper onto your wet nails and dab a bit more alcohol on top. Press it a bit securely and wait a bit to dry out. then take off the newspaper and put a new coat of colorless quickdry and that's it!

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