Friday, August 19, 2011

love the earth

we only have one earth, that is fact. i once read that "we do not own this earth. we just borrowed it from our children" and i totally agree with whoever wrote that. which is why we should love this earth, the place we call home. and it saddens me that there are some people who have no regard to the destruction of the environment in order to gain monetary value, whatever compensation they get now will be nothing compared to what will be our future if we don't stop in destroying our environment. i am not trying to sound like an all knowing person but we can all help the environment if we want to. it doesn't have to be real big, even small act of kindness to the environment counts. like, keeping your candy wrapper in your pocket instead of just throwing it everywhere can make a difference. i know it sounds petty but if everyone will think alike that it is okay to throw their candy wrappers anywhere, then the whole world is just one big trash can then. and aside from that, we can help too in the products we buy and the stuff we use in our home and in our offices. i am so grateful that the consumer awareness has opened up to the eco-friendly products and we should fully support and buy those biodegradable products whenever we can. they may cost a bit more than your normal product but remember you are buying as well the future of the environment for your kids' sake.there are a lot of stores offering environment friendly products, and Ethical Ocean is one of that.

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