Wednesday, October 07, 2009

why i love cafe world

why do i love playing cafe world? let me count the ways:

cafe world allows an ordinary person or even a kid become a chef! i believe each one of us have this desire to be a chef or at least a good cook, and for someone like me who only knows how to fry this is like a dream come true being able to whip a perfect french soup, spaghetti, cheesecake, roasted chicken in a jiffy is something... oh how i wish cooking is as easy as clicking your mouse :)

meet the chef! aint my cafe world avatar cute and wicked? hehehe oh yeah there is a new game in town that i am addicted now and i guess everyone is already playing cafe world, the restaurant game from zynga, yeah the maker of mafia wars, yoville, and farmville! gosh sobrang yaman na siguro ng developer ng zynga :)

cafe world gives you your own cafe / restaurant. each of us dreams of having our own business and as filipinos being in a food business is a sure hit since we love to eat.. so why not enjoy your own cafe /restaurant and have a rein on how you design the interiors, be the chef, and the manager, all rolled in one.

cafe world is so easy to play. even kids can do it (proof: my nephews are my current waiters in cafe world)

cafe world graphics are so cool. i love seeing the progress of cooking in cafe world, its like you're really cooking and believe it or not i get hungry everytime i see the food in the menu and see the soup boils lol
cafe world menu is mouth watering :)
cafe world music or sound is soothing, you can hear the slicing, dicing, gurgling, i lurve it :)

LOL yeah i am addicted to this cafe world! but what can i do but waste my time eh? hehehe proof i am already at level 14 and i just started playing the game for just 5 days.

so how to earn more coins in cafe world and fastest way to level up in cafe world? cafe world tips, cheats, and tricks

  1. visit neighbors, you get 20 coins + 5xp
  2. add more neighbors. cafe world gives you additional coin bonus everyday, the more neighbor you have the bigger amount of coin is given
  3. purchase items in the cookbook/menu to cook, different dishes gives different xp but as you level up the cookbook unlocks more expensive dishes but generates more coins and gives bigger xp. dishes that takes more time to cook gives bigger xp.
  4. accept all gifts. the beverage gifts gives you additional coins. tip use the gift when you just login at cafe world when all the tables are full with customer that way you can maximize the gift and earn more coins.
  5. achieve the highest buzz rating, which is 105.0 - having a high buzz rating means more customers comes in to your cafe / restaurant which also means more coins, in short di lalangawin. to achieve high buzz rating in cafe world make sure that there is always food in the counter so even while you're sleeping the cafe is making coins. cafe world buzz rating cheat: if in case your counter is already empty and the dishes you're cooking is not yet ready make sure you hide the door so that no customer can come inside your cafe and gets disappointed which could lower your buzz rating
  6. buy more tables and chairs. more furniture means more customers that can seat in the cafe. just make sure that you set up the tables in a way that waiters move minimal and can serve food asap to customers so maximize your cafe space. i think the best set up is U style and putting the counter at the center just like in the screen capture above.
  7. or you can try this CHEAT, trap your waiters in a corner and they dont walk to the tables anymore, as soon as the customer sits food automatically appears in the table, less time of service means happy customer and higher buzz rating which equals to more coins! downside of this cheat is that you only get to serve 3 dishes since you have to trap the waiters in the corner. but as you level up and get to buy more counters you can trap the waiters inside the counters

happy cooking :)

PS. you can download a cafe world cheat engine to produce countless stoves and counters, click here for the tutorial and where to download the cheat

3 meow:

fortuitous faery said...

yikes...addicted much? hehe...

Karin Forsman said...

If you're interested in different Café World-layouts, please visit "Café World Photos" on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

Zynga ripped off Cafe World from Restaurant City. Zynga copied other companies games and are shady as heck. I can't believe they get away with it.


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