Monday, October 05, 2009

hello kitty iPhone 3G/3GS case

i want this!!!
that's what came out of my mouth and my status in facebook about a week ago when i saw these kawai hello kitty iPhone cases at sanrio shop online!!!

and after salivating and drooling over the cases came sad realization that i cant have them... why? because doesnt ship outside japan and U.S. waaaaaa why oh why? eh wala pa naman ako kilalang nagja-japan huhuhu.. and it's not yet available in local shops! ugh

heniways i cant do anything about it if online stores doesnt want to ship to my dear pinas... but thankfully i came across hellokittyjunkie's blog and found a very nice way how to kittify my iPhone :)

and so i've ordered my own hello kitty princess decoden perfect kit online and had been waiting for the 3day shipping but till now i haven't receive my hello kitty kit yet :(

when i tracked it the package's already here in the philippines last oct. 3 pa!!!! ang tagal!!!! arg waket wala pa sya di pa dinedeliver

1 meow:

Anonymous said...

hi.. try to check out multiply as there are a lot of Hello Kitty Sellers there who have this product. they do it for pre-orders lng din so it may take a while before you get your items. :)


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