Wednesday, October 14, 2009

when will farmville expand farm?

so when will zynga finally expand farms in farmville?

i have been waiting for ages!!! as in!!! i was so exultant when i finally reached level 34 and was able to buy the coveted farmville villa... i was hoping then that the expansion will come soon too, i was still a happy camper and a proud owner of a big pretty (oh yeah blog ko to no syempre magyayabang ako na maganda ang farm ko!) but till now i am almost at level 38 but no expansion still! sigh

see all my houses, barns, cottages, villas in farmville are cramped up already and my plowed land is so small i can barely plant enough seeds!

oh yeah those petting the animals, getting the pink cow, having topiaries, and other little stuff they add evry now and then... my favorite latest additionis the Philippine flag though i still have to earn enough fv money, 25 fv cash to be exact to be able to buy the farmville philippine flag.... those additions are cute but i want to be able to expand my farm... cause where the hell am i going to put those cute items if my space is soooo limited, you tell me.

i've been itching to redecorate my farm since i bought the villa but alas it seems zynga has other things in mind yet and farmville expansion is not yet included in the list so i decided to redecorate even if my farm land is still small...

my farm is now a mess, but at least i managed to put my villa where it belongs... so when will farmville expand farm???

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Anonymous said...

isa sa FarmVille developer is pinoy

Anonymous said...

yehey finally!!!

farmville released it expansion of 22x22 farm on friday the 13th! you can expand your farms but you have to have 20 neighbors and 250,000 to be able to expand your farm

Anonymous said...

how can you make steep hills on farmville.. i mean by stacking hale bales and fences on top of each other. i've seen it in some farmville introductions when it loads my farm but i cant do it!! help please!!:)

Anonymous said...

add me in facebook.. or ym..! and i'll teach u..! my email add is kinda funny ^^ lolx

TQ said...

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