Wednesday, February 18, 2009

lonely? just shop

whenever i feel depressed or lonely i always feel the need to go out, not to drown my sorrows with liquor, but go out and shop! i know, not good right? well anyways since i've been miserable and lonely i had a date with myself on valentine's day and i bought myself some stuff hehehe.
my new hello kitty bracelet watch, nice noh? i had to remove about 6 steels from the bracelet because my wrists are small.. heniways aside from this watch i also bought myself a new bag and a laptop sleeve for carrie, a new pair of shades, and etc...

so what do you do when you're lonely?

3 meow:

Nina said...

wow, hindi ka ba nagsisi after? :) i used to do emotional shopping but I'm a good girl now, I think twice before paying for an item :)

Anonymous said...

nice bracelet watch. saan mo po sya nabili?

pusa said...

@nina - hehehe nalolongkot me pag nakikita ko ang credit card bill ko pero pag kita ko naman si hello kitty sumasaya ulet ako

@anonymous - sa loob ng dept store, sa SM north edsa ko sya nabili sa kids watch section :)


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