Thursday, February 05, 2009

La Mesa Eco Park - Part One

last saturday me and my cousins went to La Mesa Eco Park in Fairview, actually i was begging off because i've been there once where i had my "model stint" but my cousins were able to drag my ass off... but no regrets we had fun even though the place is really far far aways as in farview talaga sya no! hehehe

We didnt have a car so we took the public transportation and it's kinda fun but tiring. there were 10 of us so its like we practically have the whole jeepney for us.

we went to SM North Edsa first to have lunch and from there we took the byaheng Fairview Jeepney at one of the terminals and we're dropped off at the street to Eco Park, just tell the driver that you're going to the La Mesa Eco Park (fare is 16pesos per head) and then you have to ride a tricycle (10pesos per head)

good thing we have a tripod so we're able to take tons of pictures :) more photos to follow. (di naman kami mahilig masyado sa pictures hehehe)

oh by the way, remember this strikly no parking post? a year after i visited i saw the same signage the strikly word is freshly painted white :) gosh took them a year to notice hehehe

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Kyels said...

Haha! Glad that you had fun.


itot54joni said...

si angel cuala ng ay nahingi ng konting tulong financial sa inyo sa kadahilanan na ang butihing asawa niya e nadiagnose ng dengue. nakaconfine po ang asawa niya at nangangailangan ng 10k para sa blood transfusion. kung gusto niyo pong tumulong e iemail niyo ako sa ako na po ang tatanggap ng mga tulong financial niyo dahil unverified po ang paypal account ni angel. maraming salamat po.

Amor said...

Belated Happy Birthday Agnes. May all your wishes come true. :)

markey said...

maganda pala pumunta sa eco park!

Pretty Life Online said...

seems your having fun... Have a great day! Hope to see you back at my corner too.. Whatz up?

Anonymous said...

hey! we live very near La Mesa Ecopark and I must agree that it's very nice there...

You can check out my Ecopark vid on my YouTube Channel: icebreaker0426



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