Sunday, February 08, 2009

how to blog using your phone in blogger

as you have seen i have a test post from sony ericson w760 yesterday, and yep that was a post from my cell phone. so, what's the big deal, people really do blog from their mobie phone these days, i actually did a post using the free wifi from burger king before using my then new iPhone. so what's special blogging from asony ericson phone? i have always been a blogger user and for quite a while now, i have been trying to blog using my phones (nokia and iPhone) but i can only blog using the said phones if i go through the "normal" procedure of going to bloggers website first and do the usual thing, but i have read from blogger's website that you can actually make a post directly from your phone, i ahve been trying to do that but was only successful yesterday. apparently sony ericson phones have a tie up or something with blogger that when you try to send a picture (just like sending a regular MMS) you have an option to send it to blog instead and it will automatically be published to your existing blog that is hosted in blogger. cool eh :)

but before i was able to do that i had to send an MMS message to with a text REGISTER, after a few minutes i got a text message from blogger with my special code. to have this activated you have to go to from your computer and enter the claim code. once you entered the calim code it will ask you to login using your existing account (in my case i just had to conifrm taht it was my account because i was already logged on to blogger before i put in the code). once you're logged in, blogger will ask you if you want to use the default address they have assigned to you or point that address to your existing blog, of course since i am already maintaining three blogs, i opted to have it directed to this pusang maganda blog and presto whatever post i did or will do from my sony ericson phone will automatically be published in this blog.

now i just have to check if this will work in my iPhone and nokia phones as well :)

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Anonymous said...

naku di ko kaya yan, mahal ang gumamit ng web dito sa alemanya plus nadodokleng ako sa liit, hehehe

bluep said...

ang galing ano? na abno ako dun. akala ko twitter ang plurk lang ang pwede sa mobile pati pala blogspot ano? Si chuva nasagot sa email via blackberry naman.

pwede kaya ako magblog sa Nokia 5110 ko? haha

Kyels said...

This is interesting. I ought to try it sometime when I'm at a place w/wi-fi.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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