Monday, March 17, 2008

bohol trip - day2, part 2 of 2

from balicasag island we went to bohol beach club, i dunno how far it is but its an hour boat ride

approaching bohol beach club, aint it beautiful? you have to pay an entrance fee of 100 to swim here but according to our boatman, we dont need to pay since they wouldn't know anyways that we're not guests of the resort but being good citizens that we are, we actually looked for their reception area and paid an entrance fee, and an additional 250 per head for our dinner

i think bohol beach club has the longest beach shore among all the beaches at bohol, but their room rates is soooo expensive, why pay for a huge price if you can spend the day there for just a 100 diba, and besides we're quite happy with our room at bohol divers club, but then again we have to try this place, highly recommended to us.

see that guy wanna embrace the sky and the sea hehehehe (uma-art)


chillax chillax

sarap matulog!
adik sa pictures :)

while smoking, we cant help but notice this strange group, try to look harder in this photo

ok, i've zoomed in my camera for you to check out these guys! i dunno what they're trying to do, its just insane seeing someone swim with caps! and with full gear gym attire - as in jacket and jogging pants! haller beach ito people!!!! and just to prove that they are crazy, when we went to swim at the pool, they were like "sunbathing" at the poolside! tsk tsk tsk really crazy!

well whatever... ok, i am selling my friends... go take your pick, bidding starts at $10! LOL

another crazy group picture :)

LOL mowdel mowdelan ang drama ditech hahahahaha

after spending the whole day swimming (and taking pictures) we got hungry and ate at around 7pm. food is great, again sorry no photos of the food! (PG talaga eh).

well anyways im just amazed at how cheap the food are at bohol, our meals range from 500-800 and that's already for the 3 of us, compared here in manila wherein your 500 is only good for one person.

us goofin around at the bohol beach club signage (hehehehe adik talaga!) while waiting for Tata to pick us up. didnt notice how far we've traveled by land to our resort since we're busy talking about the days events. thought of going out to check out bohol's night life but we're too tired, so again we stayed at our room and drink my mix. we slept at past midnight... no wonder we're all sick the next morning.

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Traveler on Foot said...

very nice images of Bohol!

Sidney said...

Looks like paradise... I hope to be there in a few days! :-)

Don't you want to start a modeling career?

bertN said...

Ang ganda pala d'yan! I can almost feel from the photos your youthful exuberance.

kyels said...

Pretty images! I love the beach ... It's so clean!


sasha said...

Ang ganda ng beach, sister! I am planning on a family outing dyan sa Bohol eh. Thanks for sharing ha. Babalikan ko lahat ng posts mo about your Bohol trip :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a lot of fun and your photographs show that. It is a wonderful place you visited and looks amazing.

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and commenting on me in my blonde wig.

BURAOT said...

some say bohol is better than boracay kasi di sya ganun ka-commercialize pa... tutut ba?

anyhoo, me nakapag-bid na ba? lols!

maLen said...

shocks mare inferness ang seksi mo talaga

Amor said...

ang ganda naman nyang Bohol na yan! mapuntahan nga sa mga susunod na pagkakataon.

At ang seksi ng isang pusa jan ha! :)

carlotta1924 said...

awwwwwwwwwww shucks ang ganda!!!!!! oo nga naman, why spend a lot when you can just pay less than 500 bucks for a day diba? nae-enganyo na talaga ako magbeach lalo na't summer na grabe!!!!!! yung mga pics parang nasa boracay with less people at mas peaceful pa.

sa tingin ko mga asyano yang mga naka caps at shirts.. mga takot maarawan! mga weirdo nga sila sa beach. nakakita din ako ng tulad nila sa boracay.


tutubi philippines said...

wala ka picture ng lighthouse? meron dun sa likod ng resort. i remember when i was there dun ako sa sari-sari store sa gilid bumili ng food para mura :P

Ely said...

Ganda ng beach, parang Bora ba ung white sand?

chuva said...

Sure na sure, na ang next trip ko.. BOHOL!!! Leche... wala daw nightlife diyan sabi ng katulong kong pretensiyosa!! Trulalu? Eklavu?

Inday said...




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