Tuesday, March 20, 2007

cell phone virus

cell phone virus

my cellphone got infected! twas the reason why suddenly my battery is always empty these past few weeks, i even replaced the goddam batteries (yeah! i'm always asuming its the battery who has the prob after my experience with canon) well anyways, even with the new battery, my cp keeps on dying, especially whenever im sending a message. i've put up with that until last sunday when the cp doesnt turn on anymore, cant even charge the batteries... asked my kuya to have it checked and the technician confirmed that its infected, mostly because i always download stuff usign the gprs. anyways, the only way to fix the prob is to reset the phone, and that means all data that i have stored will be lost forever including my contacts! sigh! that was 200 bucks and a contactless phone after.

moral lesson of the story: dont download stuff and just ask your friends and relatives to give you the latest games, ringtones, and what nots... and dont always assume that the culprit is the battery

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