Wednesday, January 17, 2007

World Pyro Olympics 2007, part 2
Been very very busy, so i'm just posting my world pyro olympics 2007 photos just now. The finale was a hit, unfortunately wasnt able to catch the whole of China's fireworks display but still, it was impressive. And, of course, the Phillipines performance is the best for me, not only because i'm filipino but they just simply outshine everyone else. well to be truthful i was only able to watch 5 countries (germany, uk, denmark, canada, and the philippines). of those 4 countries competing, i liked UK the best and sorry but i really got bored with denmark's show. but to sum it all, it's worth the traffic hassle it created (especially on the finale night) and what HUGE crowd the show has gathered! anyways to see more pix check out my photo album

anyways that's me, looking haggard and sleepy already at 22:45, looks like those fireballs are coming down at me.

i like this heart shape thingy

aint this one looks like a face?

and more flowers

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