Tuesday, January 23, 2007

shopping at 168

went shopping at 168 mall yesterday, yes Monday afternoon is the best day to shop at divisoria, onti lang tao and less traffic. Of course, hello kitty is a must in my shopping list, some hello kitty stuff i got: a coin purse, a very cute camera bag, and a curtain. Am not going to bore you with the other stuff I bought, I just want to enumerate my hello kitty finds hehehe. but seriously, it seems like 168 mall has ‘em all, from fake LV bags to the latest mp4 gadgets, and all of the items are very affordable.

Anyways, my lack of sense of direction strike again inside the 168 mall, cant find the door where I came in, so I was like, omg show me the fucking door, I am so lost. while I’m trying to find my way out, guess who I saw, none other than madam Imelda marcos! Yep, mrs m. shopping at 168 with all her bodyguards and julalays and she was wearing her trademarked saya (a floor length green dress)! Anyone you know who shop at divisoria who wears a saya? No ordinary folk can do that without being mugged. Ok, so she was the reason why suddenly everybody has stopped and started staring causing a bottleneck at one of the “pasillio” I was like, come on guys, if you want to ogle let others pass through, so I walked past her which made me notice how thick her foundation is and realized that she is tall, taller than me. Anyways, thank god I finally found my way out and got some really nice stuff at a bargain price.

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