Thursday, January 11, 2007

world pyro olympics 2007

i've been very busy at the office these past few weeks, hence im just updating this blog just now. thought i'll never be able to watch the world pyro olympics at all since i'm practically living at the office these days, but thank god, i was free last sunday and i was able to catch the UK and Germany's show... and the show's really good! if you havent seen one yet, try watching the finale this weekend. it'll be denmark and canada on friday, then china and philippines (exhibition) on saturday. the show starts at 8pm but be early if you dont want to get caught in the traffic jam and miss the show.

some of the photographs i have taken, check out my photo album to see all the pictures. too bad i only have 256MB of memory card, i wanna pull out my hair when my camera blinked and displayed "Memory card full". sigh, i really need to buy 1GB memory card!

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