Wednesday, August 02, 2006

hello kitty love

hello kitty

Most of the people I know, knows the secret that I love Hello Kitty. I don’t know why I always feel happy and giddy when I see her cute face but for sure, I’ll be forever enamored with this cat who doesn’t even have a mouth! I like to surround myself with hello kitty stuff because it makes me feel good and I just love looking at her. I’ve gather quite enough KT stuff but I still can’t get enough of them, I still have this urge to buy any KT item that I see. Anyways, I’ve been meaning to post my hello kitty stuff in here for a long time, but being the great procrastinator that I am, I’m only doing it now. I am now sharing her cuteness; enjoy looking at them as much as I do.

I love this group picture of my plush dolls; check out this album for more pictures of these lovely creatures. Too bad they’re so expensive… don’t have enough money to buy a really big one.

So far this brownie kitty is the biggest in my collection, only 14 inch high. So, I am knocking on your good hearts to please give me a really big KT doll hehehe.

Now that you've seen my dolls, lets move on to my bags! I only realized last night (while taking this pictures) that I already have plenty of bags … and the only non-kitty bag I have is the MFG black bag. Geez wish I could use all of them at the same time.

I’ve had this bag for so long I can’t remember exactly when I actually bought it. Take note of the cute pink KT embroidery at the lower left hand side. Luv it! I’ve been using it everyday for the longest time and it’s still in good shape. I always call it my magic bag, coz no matter how many things I put inside, the form stays the same and it can really carry lotsa things even though it’s small.

This one’s my overnight bag. Roomy enough for overnight stuff and if you just roll your clothes really neat, it can fit in a 2 day change of clean clothes.

This is my messenger bag; I usually carry it when I’m just goofing around, more likely when I’m window shopping. I love the side pocket; my cellphone fits in nicely, but these days you really have to be careful so I just put my sunglasses in there… don’t want my cp to be stolen or worse my beloved KT bag slashed.

I just love this bag. The moment I saw it displayed at the gift gate rob manila, I knew I just gotta have it. I remember reading somewhere to “Buy it if it haunts you.” that is always the case with me when I see KT stuff. (but I didn’t let this cute piece haunt me, I bought it that day when I saw it… hahaha).

I love this pouch bag because of the button design… darn my picture isn’t good enough; if you look closely the button is engraved with the letters HELLO KITTY at the bottom. I saw this design online and I’ve been scouring stores to find this locally, good thing I found a store from heaven that sells this stuff.

This black bag is exactly the same bag as my pink bag but yes the colors are different, hehehe. It’s a gift from a friend who knows how I love hello kitty. I even have a wallet that matches this bag, that wallet was also given to me by a dear friend who shares my passion with hello kitty. I'll post my hello kitty wallets next time.

This brown monogram bag is so chic and versatile; I can use it no matter what I wear. I feel sexy whenever I carry it nyahaha! Really love the embroidered face of KT in the front.

My only white bag! I’m one hell of a messy girl so I stay out of the color white as much as possible, but I just can’t resist this quilted white bag.

I’ve heard that this season, metallic accessories are hot, hot, hot! Good thing I have this stylish coin purse. Dont you just wish you have this as well hahaha.

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Geenaaah said...

isa kang aaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!! my wish for you is mapakawalan ka sa sanrio in tokyo at makuha mo lahat ng hello kitty na gusto mo :-) tara magasawa na tayo ng mga hapon para makain ko lahat ng sushi na gusto ko araw araw at para may bumili na para sayo ng lahat ng hello kitty stuff na meron sa mundo! hehehehehehehehe


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