Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Guimaras Oil Spill - Plea for help

Last august 11, Petron’s Solar I oil tanker sank at Guimaras Island. The tanker was carrying 500,000 gallons of oil and it leaked about 50,000 gallons already. The oil spill has affected 200 kilometers of shoreline, damaging more than 1000 hectares of mangroves in the area. Needless to say that it’s a catastrophe and it would take at least a year to clean up the shores of Guimaras. But, its business as usual for Petron! It was reported that they are paying the locals just 200 pesos per day to clean up the mess they made… that’s a pittance on how much they earn and to think that these locals, mostly fishermen, were earning 500 bucks a day before the tragedy. Please sign this petition to let Petron be accountable to this tragedy.

For more information and how to help Guimaras please click here.

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