Monday, February 27, 2012

buying stocks

who hasn’t heard of facebook? I haven’t met a person yet who doesn’t know facebook. I for one have neglected my blogs, well you could say that facebook is a blogging mojo killer hehehe, because of the tons of possibilities you could do in facebook. and of course, I have been addicted to the games that facebook offers and I have several blog posts of these “addiction”. the thing with facebook is not only their games are addictive, the way you interact with friends are also changing in a positive way and we have heard several stories about long lost relative or son being reunited with their parents/relatives through the power of facebook.  there are numerous stories as well of people being found in just a matter of hours and days, and a lot have used facebook in spreading community and environmental awareness, and facebook has played a great part as well in the recent downfall of the Libyan dictator. the possibilities are endless and now it’s not only personal, people also offer their services and merchandise through facebook and it is fun discovering new things through facebook. one discovery I found is about Timothy Sykes and how he could help you gain knowledge which stock to invest and a guide how to do it. yes, we wonder how to go about buying stocks and have heard a lot of stories about people becoming millionaires by buying penny stocks, and his page seems interesting. looks like I’m gonna learn more about it and maybe start buying stocks, who knows i could be the next millionaire! i wish! so that all i have to do is travel :)

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