Wednesday, February 29, 2012

baka mahulog ka sa bangin

lets talk about games baby, yep my addiction to games.

okay, so there are new games that i am hooked right now. my addiction with facebook games such as farmville, yoville, and other ville games ended years ago, thank goodness!

then i got addicted to playing angry birds, yup i bought all of the 3 games that angry bird has to offer, the original angry birds, the seasons, and the rio. when i was playing those games, my phone never left my hand, i was constantly playing whenever and wherever and whatever situation it would be. good thing i am such a good player (ehem!) that i already finished playing all the levels, not just finishing all the levels but i made sure that i always have 3 stars in all levels.  and i got ALL the golden eggs there is! even before those freaking stuff toys came out and everyone was blabbering do you have angry birds or how cool angry birds is and i was like yeah like centuries ago dude! hahahahha yabang much! oh wag ka ng umepal, all the updates, i already completed them and as soon as there is an update/new game in any of the 3 games and done with it even before you say your name. :)

anyways after that it has been a quiet time, then my fascination with Sims got rekindled and i played it for quite some time in facebook, and yes i also bought the 3 games and downloaded it on my phone. then i got tired of playing it.

and recently like a few months back i've discovered words with friends, scramble with friends, and hanging with friends, all downloaded into my phone and have been playing it whenever i am online. did i mentioned that i love board games? especially word games? i remember playing scrabble and boggle old school style so i am glad that these are now available online and i think i am making a killing beating those random opponents :D

and when i am not online i play temple run, which is kinda tiring now, not as fun as it was when i started playing it, maybe because i already reached 2.5 million score and get a minimum of 600k or 1M everytime i play. i dunno, or maybe its because everyone is playing temple run now that it lost its appeal? and there was a time that i missed my train station stop because i was playing. but well anyways here's a funny story at mrt while playing temple run. nakatayo ako nun syempre pero may bumaba na pasahero sa tapat ko, so ako upo agad para mas madali maglaro ng temple run pero pagkaupo at tingala ko may lolo pala.
ako: kayo na po ang umupo
lolo: sige wag na baka mahulog ka sa bangin!

wahahahahaha dami kong tawa dun! yun lang :)

2 meow:

plaridel said...

have you ever tried plants vs. zombies? that's a killer, too.

pusa said...

Yup =) nalimutan ko pala isama ang PVZ sa listahan ng mga kinadukan ko na games. Ilang linggo rin ako pinuyat ng plants versus zombies na yan hehehe brainsss

Btw Happy long weekend vacation :)


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