Thursday, August 26, 2010

why i wont order margarita at agave anymore

last night we decided to have a bottle of san mig light after dinner to while away time while waiting for the rain to stop.since my office is near shangri-la we opted to drink at agave, the seats are mostly wet due to the heavy rain and we then just sat at the bar since we're just planning to have a bottle.

while we were drinking our 2nd bottle of miguel.. a server went in the bar with a bowl of ice cream, talking with the bartender while eating the ice cream using a scooping/serving spoon so i was thinking that oh well they're allowed to eat during their duty and even thought that the manager of the store was good cause earlier we saw other servers having a drink of their own margarita... well anyways this girl proceed to prepare a mixed drink and put another ice cream in her mouth then using the same spoon put a scoop of ice cream in the blender... and there again i was thinking oh ok so she can have her drink and put ice cream in her mix.... she and the bar tender keep on talking and the bartender even scold her for not putting crushed ice instead and proceed to share the ice cream with her, then put an additional scoop of ice cream in the mix (still using the same spoon ha), oh okay so he wants the mixed drinks with more ice cream so i thought...

but then the girl then proceed on preparing a margarita glass and that was when i realized to my disgust that that mix they were preparing was for a customer!!! ewwwness to the max!!! kawawa yun girlaloo na umorder nun drink na yun not knowing kun pano prepare yun drink nya! ugh!!! i would never ever order margarita at agave shangri-la mall anymore!

major major kadiri!!!!

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chuva said...

aray ko! ang baboy naman nun! kadiri.


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