Wednesday, August 04, 2010

geotagging in iPhone

i upgraded my iPhone to OS 4 a couple of weeks ago and just noticed the new feature "places" a few days ago. and boy i was amazed and at the same time kinda scared knowing that this new feature of the iPhone can know exactly where you've been!

looks like all photos you took using the iPhone's camera automatically geotag so i was surprised to found out the photos stored in my phone tagged exactly where i took them. if you click on the red dots you would see the photos you took from that place, like the red dot on the image at cuenca, i remember i took a photo of the cat of my classmate in photography when we did a photowalk/roadtriop at batangas months ago, same with my boracay and romblon pix... pretty amazing eh... i can test this on november when i go out of town again and see if i will get a new dot on my map :)

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