Thursday, February 18, 2010

please "like" my pic

hi everyone, please help me win by "liking" my photo ... am pretty sure all of you have facebook account already so please help this cat win.

you can vote for me by being a DIGIPRINT FAN by clicking here and "like" this photo with title HAWAK KAMAY in the Digiprint fan page by clicking here.

really appreciate your help guys, thanks a lot! mwahh to all

PS. what's in it for me? not really much (just a GC) but i really want to win coz this is the first contest i joined after attending the workshop. so please support me :D

what's in it for you? you get to help a beautiful cat and you get tons of virtual meow kisses from me LOL

1 meow:

Anonymous said...

i will boat for you not to win bwahahahaha!!!



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