Sunday, December 06, 2009


it's been a while since i posted something about my favorite niece, chelsea - so here she is all grown up and she's already 3 and a half years old... but sometimes i wonder if she really is an old lady just pretending to be a kid hehehe

sometimes you just cant help but laugh at her especially if she dont want you to bother her she'll tell you am already tired.. or if she doesnt want to talk to you she'll say "antok na ko.... tutulog na ko!" wahahaha  ayuf na bata LOL

but yeah, she's still a uber kulit kid

wahahaha just a few moments after i posted this i showed chelsea my old posts about her  and she was looking at the photos and she saw this PIC hahahha and she asked "sino yna? pangit!" wahahahhah told her it's you LOL and she doesnt wanna look at the pics na hahahaha

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