Sunday, September 13, 2009

howdy farmers!

yeehaw!!! i just leveled up to level 34 in farmville and y'all know (well those who plays the game anyways) that it means that i can now buy a villa... but dang i only have 600k in my account need to plant more seeds to earn 1M coins! =) and i hop that by the time i get the 1M maybe in a weeks time or less than a week i hope that the farm expansion in farmville is also ready... jus tso excited hehehe (oo na! alam ko adik ako! adik na kung adik! eh masarap maglaro eh hahaha)
well anyways last weekend i went to a real farm and harvest real trees...
rambutan trees to be exact and dang i thought i was easy as 123 just like in farmville and farmtown wherein you just click on the tree and all the fruits get harvested in a flick :)
 i even thought that coins will start popping out my head LOL

4 meow:

Nina said...

gosh, envy ako :) I have around 700T coins by now. I hope that by the time I reach level 34, farm expansion is ready and I already have 1M coins to buy the villa :)

Snow said...

dami na talagang naa-addict sa farmtown.

diwa said...

arg hindi ako maka relate jan sa farmville na ugh

chuva said...

Nakakainggit yung farm mo!!!!!!!!!!


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