Monday, November 17, 2008

hello kitty camera bag

my very beautiful camera deserves only the best care and protection, taht's why i bought my Canon SD1100 this very cute hello kitty camera bag. it fits perfectly and is sooo cute :D

4 meow:

Kyels said...

Heehee. It sure is cute!


Nina said...

yes, it's cute :) I have a hello kitty steering wheel cover :)

Snow said...

cute naman. naku nagka-idea tuloy ako na regaluhan ng ganito yung kapatid ko this christmas, kapareho mo kasi siya na hello kitty fanatic. :)

Mizé said...

Hi. Your new bag is really cute, very girly.
Hello Kitty is one of my daughter´s favorites, she´s loves everything from her. Last thing we bought her was an alarm clock.
This brand is very expensive here, things cost the double or more.


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