Saturday, November 15, 2008

free cookies at delifrance

you want free cookies? click here to get your delifrance's secret santa coupon and send to as many friends as you like, be someone's santa now :) this is real, i already sent tons of this free gift coupon to my friends, and i am telling you it is better than just receiving an e-card hehehe

look what i got! free almond star cookies at delifrance. yep FREE!!! no purchase needed, just present your coupon to the person wearing santa's hat at any participating delifrance store.

delifrance's almond star cookies, yeah i know bitin ang 5 pcs but beggars cant be choosers LOL

P.S. this is not a paid opp

7 meow:

Anonymous said...

did DeliFrance commissioned you to do this?lols.i miss you

-footh fetish-

Anonymous said...

hmmm... will try this one

Mizé said...

Hi. The cookies look good and almonds are my favorite nuts. It´s a pity we don´t have that brand here, I would love to send free stuff to my friends, lol.
A good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Never ko pang na-try diyan sa Delifrance. Nyuk. Ano ba mga maire-recommend mo diyan? :D

sadako said...

ala kahit naman makareceive ako ng Coupon eh wala namang deli france dito sa amin hehe

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks delicious!

sayang, walang delifrance dito sa Angeles

carlotta1924 said...

this looks great! sige nga matry 'to! :D

ey, u just got tagged by moi hehehe :D


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