Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tierra Maria Estates Scam

I love the Filipino people and the Philippines. A lot has been said and will be said about Filipinos in general and we must admit that there really are some rotten tomatoes in the basket but it is quite annoying to hear and read stories that aint true. Just like what this Tim Curper of UK is trying to do, trying to tarnish the Filipinos as scammers when in fact he is just an old paranoid man. Please join Reyna Elena's project to equalize this old man’s hoax scam stories about the tierra maria estates scam.

If you search the term “tierra maria estates scam“, “Tierra Maria UK scam” and “hospitals scam philippines“, you will find out that this old man from the UK has blanketed the Internet with his hoax stories and accusing Tierra Maria Estates, hospitals scam Philippines, the Filipinos and the Philippines as scammers, in general. His story is nothing but hoax and hatred to Filipinos. Please read these articles: Was there a scam - Part 2 and Was there a scam - The Motive.

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reyna elena said...

thanks for the support pusa!

Anonymous said...

ang galing mo mag sulat!

kaya ako hinlababo sayo e

-footh fetish-

Beng said...

i flushed the old sira guy na in the t-bowl ;). ikaw baga ay hindi pa binisita ng kumag?

pusa said...

@reyna - no prob, malakas ka sa akin eh :)

@footh - ngak

@beng - LOL sana nalunod na sya, di ko pa napost to nun dumalaw un matandang hukluban dito eh, di nya pa naamoy tong post na to ulet hehehehe

Equa said...

It's a pity you can't just face up to the shame you feel - caused by a small minority of your fellow countrymen and women - instead of resorting to denial - burying your head in the sand.
If you include yourself in the criminal fraternity - compounding their errors with your own actions - so be it.
You had a chance to stand up and be counted - to show the world that honesty & truth did mean something to you.
But - you blew it.

Nemesis said...

". . . it is quite annoying to hear and read stories that aint true."

Hmm - I agree - so, tell me - what do you know about the truth?
What startling information have you come across in the few weeks you've been press-ganged into joining this rag-bag of bloggers, that I haven't already come across in the 10 months I've been involved?
Precisely - nada - tranparently you are not doing this for any reason remotely connected to learning the truth.
It is propaganda - that's all.
Pure defensiveness - closing ranks to someone you perceive as an outsider?
But at least you have the decency to post these comments - thanks.

magicalone said...

I too have been a victium of a man from the philippines ...same type of thing..only money for a stays ..medicines internet cafe money...promises never kept..too much the same and always send u.s. dollars thru u.p.s..using emotion mixed with guilt..and even going so far as to say his son and brother died..trying to blame my doubts as to his alleged misfoutune... i know this man is telling the truth...because i had the same thing happen to me..its so sad that the ongoing scamming by some criminals in metro manila are giving the rest of the good people in the philippines such a horrible reputation...time to wake up and set your fellow country men straight...just remember maybe next time it will be your sons and daugthers....i wouldnt want to see that stand up for what is right and stop being so quick to judge and to bare false witness against others ...its a sin...and a shame

ellumbra said...

Please read the following links - you will hopefully start to understand that all is not quite what it may seem in the Tierra Maria Estates Scam - the sheen of innocence that you are being seduced into believing , is artificial and itself quite sinister.

Flag Day


Nemesis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nemesis said...

As we thought - we now have conclusive proof that this whole episode was indeed an attempted scam.
Conclusive proof of Scam Attempt

We understand that much of the events were extremely ambiguous - but such is the nature of a deception - it can quite well approximate a truth.
However, it is perfectly apparent, that an enormous amount of energy and effort has been invested by people who have proclaimed the story as no more than a hoax - with not a single care in the world for the truth.
It has shown a sordid contempt, now left for all to observe & fully understand.

ellumbra said...

Revelation Revealed

So - far from being as suggested in this post - A Hoax - you will see that it was all a devout endeavour to arrive at a truth.
A truth which was being deliberately obscured - by insinuations - such as contained in this very post - that it was based on racism & paranoia.

Quite the contrary - I love you all dearly - the Country & the People - a love which developed for me in 2007 doesn't reverse or go away - it becomes educated, yes, but it is still there.
Thank you


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