Thursday, April 03, 2008

pusa is dead

NOT!!! am still alive, haller i have nine lives noh (uhmmm 4 lives na lang pala, dont ask me how i lost my 5 lives baka maiyak kayo) am just feelin a bit sick and lazy these days because of this darn cough that keeps me awake at night! anyways, i was on leave yesterday from the office (dang i really hate filing for sick leave when i am sick, ya know what i mean? sick leave = tamad leave for me so it really sucks that i was on a "real" SL yesterday)

i really hate, as in really really hate going to the doctor, it feels like you're a lab rat... i wasnt really planning to have a checkup cause this cough cant kill me but then on second thought i might have died because of my mom's constant nagging that i should see a doctor! haller, its bad enough that i have trouble swallowing a pill (bondat muna ko sa tubig noh bago malunok yang isang tablet) and im afraid of needles, yeah tong laki kong to duwag ako sa karayom!!! but if your mom is like my mom, who keeps on nagging you every second of the day, you'd happily prance your way to the doctor!

well the doctor was nice and everything but i think she's like so paranoid and asked me to have these all sorts of lab exam! dang! xray, blood test, ecg (because she said that my heart beats slow - doc my heart is made of ice, im surprised you even heard a heartbeat! dang she even asked me to have a thyro ultrasound somethin! haller doc magkasingpayat lang tayo noh! she was worried that i have this hyperthyroid problem well anyways i think it'll be good if i really have that mallady, it'll only mean i just have to drink some pills to gain weight. but i've already had those kind of tests before and malnourished lang talaga ko noh! anyways what sucks again after having all these tests is that you dont really get to know the results right after, like in this case i have to go back on saturday for the results. amf!

anyways, when i got back to the office this morning i saw this cute dead doll at my table - its really nice to be on leave and have a present waiting for you at your table when you get back =)

sweetness! thank you ingkay for these lovely dolls... ay labbbbb it!!! ankyut diba? she made it with her own hands, sewing and whatever... talented gurl! thanks :)

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Edong said...

hope you're feeling better now... :)

rino said...

Pareho lang tayo ngayon, naka SL din ako hanggang sa April 9. Upper respiratory tract infection daw sabi ng doctor when I was hospitalized for 5 days last week.
BTW, guest ako ni Dr Joy Barredo sa radio program niya. Please kung gising ka pa ng 10 pm sa sabado april 5 kinig ka naman blog ko details... :)

jojitah said...

aaawwww.. mare get well soon, dapat pala bigas dito sa laguna kinakain mo, tingnan moko ngayon. lol! *muah!*

Nina Lumberio said...

naka realte ako sa SL=tamad day. Nung nasa pinas ako madalang ako mag-sick leave. Pag nag SL ako - SL talaga. Pero ngayon, marunong na ako pumetiks ako. Minsan SL = tamad day hahahhahahah...

Get well soon! Extend mo na lang para sulit...

bertN said...

I'm glad you listened to your Mom and went to see the doctor after you can't take anymore nagging from her LOL.

Mothers know best, even if they don't, they always have their children's interest at heart.

I hope you are feeling better now. Take care of yourself - you only have 4 more lives to live LOL.

kyels said...

I hope you're feeling better now ate! Oo, cute naman ... Hehe. You friend must be very talented to just sew those dolls herself.


reyna elena said...

schoks naman ako sa headline mo! hahaha!

have a doctors appt tomorrow
taz dentist
taz hada
taz blog


pusa said...

@edong - thanks! i'm getting better everyday :D

@rino - uy buti na lang ako nd naman kelangan maconfine, hope you're ok na... will try to listen on saturday

@jojitah - honga mare jan nga kami angkat ng bigas LOL

@nina - divanetch kelangan talaga meron na Tamad Leave eh, thanks

@bertn - LOL hahaha allegic sa sermon ang pusa! thanks i'll take care of this 4 lives

@kyels - galing nya noh! thanks dear

@reynz - hahahaha
have a doctors appt tomorrow - check
taz dentist - takot ako dentist eh
taz hada - later me hada ako ;)
taz blog - check check check, gawa na un pc ko sa bahay kaya adikan na naman! LOL

Ambo said...

Okay ka na ba? Kaya pala di kita napagkikita masyado ah. Miss you Agnes. Hope to see you in Davao hahaha. Ang cute nung red na manika, parang manika ni lola basyang hahaha joke!

Hope you're ok.



thess said...

Pretty A, I really hope you're feeling a lot better now. Pareho tayo, I hate going to the doc, hmpft!

Ingat and pahinga ka this weekend..pag hindi kinaya magpahinga, mag enjoy ka sana! :)

maLen said...

hoy sa panamhon ngayon bawal magkasakit!!!! ingat mare! :)

Ely said...

Pareho tau, i hate going to the doctor. I had a check up last month, they ask me to go back for some tests, pero ndi na ako bumalik. LOL

Anyway, get well soon...

Anonymous said...
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carlotta1924 said...

hope you're feeling so much better by this time! nagpamedical din ako last month at di ko mapigilan ang tawa ko sa physical lol =)

Anonymous said...

PUNKs not dead!

-footh fetish-

note: hmmm ano kaya gumawa ako ng blog as in panay paa bwahahaha... ADIK!

rhapsody said...

cute doll!

dodong flores said...

I hope okay ka na. A few weeks back, my girlfriend and I also had caught ubo & sipon. We just recovered...

...and we're glad to have recovered very soon because we only have single lives in us, unlike pusa ;)


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