Friday, October 12, 2007

magic and fantasy

i have always been fascinated in the world of fantasy, and when i was a kid i truly believed that if i just wish enough and be a good girl i'll have powers and can do magic... as i grow up i realize that there is really no such thing as magic, that everything is just for the show and stories about fantasy land aren't real, that they were just a pigment of somebody's imagination.... but still, the kid in me keeps on believing that there is a fantasy land and everyone have superpowers and can do magic.

Photo: magical creatures at Crystal Cove Island

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Anonymous said...

Magic and fantasy are things we create ourselves day in and day out. I'm into fairy tales myself and I never stopped believing.

Your Love Coach

Anonymous said...

same here, I was always fascinated with all magical things, I don't know why.. I know it doesn't exist but inside me I feel like one day I will be able to experience it (maybe in dreams hehee)

Anonymous said...

saan yan lake?

pusa said...

@joy and kitty - i'm glad im not the only one who believes in this stuff =)

@tutubi - actually nde sya lake, its at boracay...taken from Crytal Cave Island

david mcmahon said...

What a great picture. We all believe in fantasy - still!

That's why I write novels ....


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