Thursday, July 19, 2007

a slice of heaven on earth

boracay is really a slice of heaven on earth! and i really enjoyed my three day stay there (bitin pa nga eh!). we stayed at escondido and surprisingly the place is really ok and the staff are very accommodating, and it's just a 2 min walk from the beach.

i really got myself baked in sun, im so dark-skinned now, and i thought i was already dark before... now, i really looked like a refugee! urghhh

if you're interested, read on my daily activities ....

Day 1 - arrived around lunch time, we just ate bangus and chicken at andoks for lunch since most of the restaurants are still closed and andoks is very near our place... first time i ate bangus at andoks and its really delicious (boneless pa!). after a quick rest we head on to the beach and swim all afternoon. had chocolate shake and quesadilla in the afternoon at Jony's (we were actually looking for Jona's shake but ended up there, though it was ok as well), it rained so hard while we were at Jony's but thankfully the rain stopped immediately. we just had a shower and a quick nap, after that we all meet again for dinner at Club Paraw, then had some margarita and a bottle of beer at Pat's Creek Bar. we had to call it a night at 1am since we still have to get up early for the next day. wondering why we didnt go instead at cocomangas or pier one (which is closer to our place)? well medyo jologs un mga tao na asa pier one and puno ng koreans un cocomangas! =)

Day 2 - woke up at 7am and had breakfast. at 830 our guide picked us up for our 4 hour island hopping. first stop is at cystal cove, it was worth going down in the 2 caves though a bit intimidating to get to the 2nd cave but it's worth it and the water is so refreshing.

then we went to crocodile island to snorkel. i wanted to stay at the bottom of the ocean, swimming with the fish but i'm no mermaid and i have to hang on to the rope since the current is so fast and i'm not a very good swimmer. after ogling at the fishes we head on to gilligan island for a swim. the beach is so amazingly beautiful!!!

then we head on back to the hotel for lunch at 1pm, escondido offers really tasteful crabs and prawns, yummy!!! after lunch we have a quick rest because we had scheduled jetski at around 330pm. didnt realized riding jetski is fun, though a bit tiring to drive it... they were teasing me that i'm kaskasero daw haha!

after that we went swimming again, and another banana choco shake for me as refreshment (this time at Jona's), waited for the sunset before heading back to the hotel again, we planned on going out again that night but i guess all of us were so tired of the day's activities that we all just slept.

Day 3 - woke up at 6 and had an early breakfast then head on the beach, we didnt go to the market anymore as planned since we wanted to maximize our time at the beach so we just swam all morning , and yehey i already learned how to float :)

our check out is at 1230, so as much as we wanted to stay at the beach had to go back at 1130 for our lunch (crabs again, its really delicious!) and packed our things. sigh.. why do all good things have to end?

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kitty said...

hi, is the free ebook still open? I'd love to have a copy =) but if not, it's ok =) anyways just in case here's my email :

have a lovely day!

Poli said...

Waw! Ang galing mo talagang kumuha ng mga pictures! Gusto ko rin ng bangus!

travelphilippines said...

awwww im missssing boracay now.. cant wait for my next trip. trully a paradise on earth.

Contractor said...

you said "medyo jologs un mga tao na asa pier one and puno ng koreans un cocomangas"

All I got was "slightly lowclass 'un' about them already hope peir one and full of koreans at cocomngas". tagalog is horrible at best...they wouldn't let your type into Pier I and Cocomangas would be full of Koreans? I hope I didnt totally chop that up.


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