Monday, July 09, 2007

am surprised that my i heart manila blog is still on the list, thanks for those who voted. here's my link love to those who participated and those who made it on the list.

to those who haven't voted yet, there's still 3 weeks to go and get a chance to win $100 just by joining. Janet Toral is organizing an an eyeball on august 1 to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs.


Listing the 8th week summary of entries and their choices in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007. If you haven't submitted an entry yet, head on to Ms. Toral's writing project page on how to join.

For Week 8

week 8 entries came from Maki, Silverfork, Jhed, Elman, Willy B. Prilles Jr., Chris, Oroboy, Erick Lau, Paolo, Amelia, Pietrie Jensen, Liz, Marcus G.R., and Daniel Niazy.

7 new blogs cited:BISEAN, CokskiBlue
, Culture Shiok!, Fire Eye'd Boy, L'odyssée de Tattum, PinoyBlogero, Utakgago

The following blogs got one mention each:
Make Money Online with a 13-Year Old
Aries Warrior Princess
Behind the Shrubbery
Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic
Darn Slick Gadgets
Digital Slices of my Life
Don in Beijing
Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta
Eliseo Soriano
Elman the Man, Blogspot
Elman the Man, Wordpress
Fine Art of Blogging
Happy Slip Productions
It's a Woman's World
It's not only fruity, it's oaty!
Journals of Enreal
Life and Chocolates
Love Letters
Manila Gay Guy
Puckering Time
Quotes in Can
Sasha says
Sugoi Stuff
The CityLifeStylist
The D Spot
The Dork Factor
The French Journal
Tiggah's Life in Random

overall ranking

1. An Apple a Day (23 mention)

2. Culture Shiok! (17 mention)

3. Make Money Online with a 13-Year Old (16 mention each)


4. The D Spot (15 mention)

5. The Philosophical Bastard (14 mention)

6. BISEAN (11 mention)

Make Money Online with Dosh Dosh

It's not only fruity, it's oaty!

7. CokskiBlue (10 mention each)

Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic


8. The Anitokid Chronikos (9 mention)

9. Dabawenya Jud! (8 mention each)

Quotes in Can

Studies in Technopreneurship

The Dork Factor


10. C5's How to Solve the Problem (7 mention each)

from the boondocKs

Gibbs Cadiz

I Heart Manila


Successful Blogging Tips by Gary Conn

7 meow:

Karlo.PinoyBlogero said...

Hi! I see that you have copied content from Ms. Toral's post on the eight week of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007.

I would like to warn you though that you should try to avoid copying from other blogs because google might think that you are duplicating content.

This could lead to being banned on google's search engine and you might get also flagged by blogger.

Just giving you a heads up. Happy blogging!

pusa said...

h karlo,
didnt know that info, was just trying give link love to all the participants, but thanks for heads up

will edit it accordingly but still retain the links

reyna elena said...

ako?! pers honorable not mentioned na naman ako?!


*kumakaway na parang miss universe*


*ina-atake nang ADD*

pusa said...

reyna, ikaw ang no. 1 sa list ko kaso me cut-off na sept 06 lang dapat nag-start un blog =)

Karlo.PinoyBlogero said...

A lot of blogs are banned everyday because of duplicate content. Kahit na hindi mo naman gustong magdruplicate, minsan inaakala ng google bots na ginagawa mo ito. Iba kasi magisip ang mga google bots, they follow a string of codes to enforce their laws.

^_^ Pero ok lang yan. Wag lang masyadong gagawin.

Anonymous said...

Ako nga rin, hindi ko inakalang nasa listahan pa rin ako. Heheh. At lubos pa rin akong nagpapasalamat sa'yo sa pagsuporta sa nilalangaw kong blog.

Tungkol sa EB, ah eh pupunta ka ba? Hehehe, si Fjordz, nagpapa-update sa'kin kung pupunta ako. Hehe. Siguro kung marami sa mga blogmates na medyo nakilala ko na ang pupunta, baka magpunta ako. Ikaw ate punta ka ba? :D

pusa said...

Jake, di ko pa sure kun makakapunta ako eh, let me know if you're going, just in case im available at least me kakilala ako dun :)


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