Wednesday, August 15, 2012

hello kitty X arena

wow! didn't know that sports wear like arena also collaborated with hello kitty :) thankfully i saw the hello kitty arena poster in front of planet sports house in glorietta with the tag line i love to swim

checked out the store and i got so excited seeing these swimsuits, unfortunately they only carry these designs and mostly stuff for kids, even though when i checked online there are nice hello kitty swimsuit design for adults, but the sales lady told me to wait they could have new items too.

hello kitty x arena got swimsuits, goggles, dry bag, slippers, and dry towels as well.

since i lost/left my goggles at calaguas, i've been thinking of buying a new one but good thing i've waited, maybe i knew that there would be a hello kitty goggles soon :)) so i got myself this new hello kitty goggles

and i've meaning to buy a dry bag for my stuff, since i am always at the beach, my old one (the free item that i got from avon has retired and was small. this hello kitty dry bag is super! big enough and with a handy strap so you can easily carry it buy just slinging on your shoulder. and the price is just the same that you can buy from north face and other sports house. so happy to have a drybag with hello kitty face on it. and the back portion have the i love to swim :)

and most importantly, i now have a dry towel! i've been meaning to get one of those travel towel that is easy to pack and easy to dry but i find them expensive. until i saw this hello kitty arena dry towel. the price is the same with other brands but htis have a hello kitty. hehehe

so i am all set to go to the beach this long week end :)) one happy pusa here hehehehe. so where are you going this long weekend?

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