Sunday, April 01, 2012

vacation time

It'll will be holy week tomorrow and it also means that we'll have a long vacation, yey! i always love this season because holy week always falls during summer and that is the best excuse to get away from the city and hit the beach. and it is also the time wherein you can file for a weeklong vacation and most often than not, your leave vacation gets approved :) just like me, today is the 1st day of my 10-day holy week vacation! getting jealous now eh?

so what are you waiting for? book your tickets now and plan your vacation time. i know, you'll gonna say that you're busy or there is no more time to plan the vacation since its just a few days away and most probably most hotels and resorts are already fully booked. worry not, that's why there are travel agencies that have the best tour operators that can help you get that perfect vacation.

actually i would say that it's cheaper and better to plan your own vacation and make your own itinerary, but the thing is there are times that you really are very busy and doesn't have the time to do all the research and early bookings, and you don't usually get those cheap airline sale tickets. take for example my holy week vacation last year, i was very busy with work and wasn't able to get a cheap airline ticket, good thing i was able to find a travel agency that accommodated my request at late notice and i had a great time exploring Ilocos. For this holy week i have also engaged a travel agency for my getaway as i dont have the time to prepare and hustle with the crowd by doing it myself, besides i know that during peak season it is better to go to travel agencies than DIY because it would be cheaper since they offer packages for groups. and you dont have the problem where to get your transportation or where is the next jump off or bus transfers.

i was just lucky with my itinerary in hong kong last year because i had the time to prepare and research and there were lots of available information online hence i was able to pull it off, but i had to ask a help of a tour guide due to time constraint when we visited macau and i am very thankful that we asked for help, otherwise we wont be able to explore macau. and most probably i will get a luxury Italy tours if and when i visit my cousins there.

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bertN said...

I used to be a DIY traveler but nowadays, I just join tour groups, sit tight and enjoy OR suffer when things are not going well.


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