Wednesday, January 25, 2012

perfumes for women

most women love perfume and I have some friends who can’t go out without wearing one, it’s like part of their standard routine or get up. wearing perfume is not only for vain women, admit it we all want to look our best and smell good and there are really good perfumes for women. and it really feels good when you’re smelling good and people compliment or even sniff (but not in a freaky way huh) your perfume and tell you that your perfume is good. personally, I prefer mint or ocean scented perfumes, it makes me feel like I just came out of the shower every time and there are times that I would love to dab on a good fruity smell. before i just spray on everywhere but learned in the course of time the proper way of applying perfume. anyways valentine is near and giving a bottle of perfume is a sure way of melting your partners’ hearts *wink* and there are a lot of choices, just scour the internet for prices and scents available. also, make sure that the scent reflect the personality of the person you’re giving it to, oh yes I believe there is a certain scent or perfume that reflects one’s personality. but if you’re buying perfume for yourself, you already know what you want right?

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