Friday, May 20, 2011

get rid of unwanted mail

Missing the ‘snail’ mail? At this age and day that technology is the rage it is still nice to receive a real letter, right? A handwritten letter that is stamped and posted to your mail. Receiving a real mail nowadays is such a rarity that you almost want to rip the envelope out and read your letter as soon as you get it from your mailbox.

But sadly, with the advent of technology, so is the proliferation of junk mails. Yes, not only you get junk mails on your email but also in your physical mailbox! Some advertisers seem to get hold of your mailing address, sell it to whomever and voila, you get stuff on your mailbox - stuff that you don’t want and immediately gets thrown at the garbage. It really is such a drag to open the mailbox these days just to find unwanted mail. I find it really irritating specially if you are anticipating a mail and check your mailbox and finds that what you have is just trash, or you have to dig through and sort your mails first to be able to see your “real” email.

Thankfully there are organizations that can help you Stop Junk Mail and get rid of those unwanted mails in your physical inbox. They have means and ways to help you get unlisted of those lists of marketers. Come to think of it, it is scary in some ways knowing that these marketers get hold of your personal information, and it would be really swag to get rid of those junk mails.

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